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24 acrylic on paper paintings

4 x 4 inches each


a solo exhibit at Cafe' by the Ruins Dua

Baguio City, Philippines

April 29 to May 28, 2017  


Plants are natural air purifiers. Jandy learned this in grade school. But it was not until late last year, after some research, that he fully understood how awesome they are in doing the job. For plants do not only take in carbon dioxide and give off oxygen; there is a host of other airborne toxins that they help to reduce.

The research was spurred by Jandy’s observation that air pollution in our cities is getting worse. Promptly he decided to surround himself with more plants, at home and at work, since there are pollutants even indoors, such as carbon monoxide, benzene, formaldehyde, and mold spores. Starting with a ZZ plant, his collection has grown, quite aptly, into a diverse family of foliage, from sansevierias to philodendrons. Some were “roadside rescues”; others were purchased at the Burnham Park Orchidarium, a sanctuary he visits every now and then, to observe its wide variety of flora, as well as to consider which ones to add to his collection.

While plants certainly add color and visual interest to any room, Jandy’s newfound interest in growing indoor jungles is first and foremost rooted (pun intended) in the pressing need to improve air quality. Thus, his choice to adopt many of the plants he has now was based on their air-cleaning reputation.

As a visual artist, Jandy is keen to appreciate the formal qualities of plants: their shapes, colors and patterns. His “Indoor Jungle” set of paintings is but a natural offshoot of his quiet advocacy. It is both his paean to plants and his way to spark interest in learning more about them. Who knows? Maybe one viewer would start growing their own indoor jungle. Then maybe another….    



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