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Baguio is home to diverse cultures and faiths. Among these is Catholicism, whose two prominent landmarks in the City of Pines are the Our Lady of the Atonement Cathedral and the Lourdes Grotto. Both attest to the reverence that Catholics have for Mother Mary.    

In MEDIATRIX, Jandy A. Carvajal highlights the intercessionary role of Mary, the Mother of Jesus. In spite of the many ways that she is represented in visual art, as Jandy’s work illustrates, Mary retains her maternal character. As such, she is the favorite saint invoked by devotees, believing that a mother would not refuse to help her children. The Rosary, through which Mary is prayed to 54 times, is especially represented in this exhibit by the Maryam Series, a set of estampita-sized ink-and-acrylic paintings on salvaged wood, most of which are flattened matchboxes.

The show opened on September 8, the day that Catholics commemorate the birth of Mother Mary. The exhibit ran until September 30, 2017.     




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