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Ang Ating Mga Kayamanan sa Bakuran (Our Treasures in the Yard)
5 to 31 July 2022
NCCA Gallery, Intramuros, Manila 

This collection is an expansion of a set of brass repoussé works that I began creating in 2020, a few months after the hard lockdowns. The series reflects on that difficult time when access to food was limited, and their high value became more salient. The golden brass discs emphasize how precious their subjects are: vegetables. 


The series began when backyard farming gained popularity as a prudent response to restricted mobility, limited resources, and the need to eat healthier for stronger immunity. I initially thought of expanding the series to just ten works, but momentum and inspiration allowed me to produce a total of 15 pieces, depicting a variety of common vegetables in the Philippines, some of which are not included in the Bahay Kubo song. 

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